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Font choice can cut ink use by 30 percent

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By John Matarese

Posted by Lisa Strawbridge - email

(WTOL) - tested hundreds of fonts and found the use of certain fonts can significantly reduce the amount of ink used, which could mean a big savings on ink cartridges.

Arial is a standard font that uses more ink than other choices. A very common font it can be replaced with is Times New Roman, which could reduce ink use by 20 percent.

Century Gothic font comes in Microsoft Word and uses 31 percent less ink than Arial.

A new font called Ecofont leaves holes in the letters and can reduce ink use by 30 percent compared to Arial. That font can be downloaded.

Another tip from the report is that ink cartridges signal they are out of ink well before they actually are. Judge by how the machine is printing rather than the alarms.

A final tip is for those shopping for a new printer. Be sure to check the cost of replacement cartridges for each model when shopping around.

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