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Anti-abortion activist to run for president

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Randall Terry plans to run graphic TV ads during the Super Bowl. (Source: Randall Terry plans to run graphic TV ads during the Super Bowl. (Source:
Washington -

By Kimberly Schupp - email

WASHINGTON (RNN) - Outspoken pro-life activist Randall Terry announced his candidacy for the President of the United States on Thursday, the 38th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, which legalized abortion in the U.S.

He said he plans to challenge President Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries.

One of his first orders of business during his campaign will be to raise enough money to air graphic advertisements featuring aborted fetuses during the National Football League playoffs, including the 2012 Super Bowl.

Terry said he wants to accomplish two goals with his candidacy: Create a "crisis of conscience for Americans regarding the slaughter of the unborn," making abortion illegal again; and radically reduce the federal budget by "fighting to end all entitlements."

His official campaign slogan is, "A Democratic primary for President - to bring Americans face to face with aborted babies."

Prototypes for his Super Bowl ads are posted on his campaign website. They graphically depict dismembered fetuses, and compare abortion to slavery, child labor and segregation.

Federal Communications Commission rules prevent television stations from censoring political ads in any way. Broadcasters are required to provide "legally qualified" political candidates fair access to air time.

When asked if he was running for president solely to accomplish airing his controversial advertisements, he said yes.

"It is for the Super Bowl ads, without question," he said.

Terry said he is not delusional and knows the challenges he will face in running against Obama will be a "wild ride."

He knows he is the underdog, and plans to appeal to pro-life voters, Catholics, Evangelicals, Hispanics, and Tea Party activists during his campaign.

"It's a burden, not a joy; the world has a target on me now. My face is at the end of every ad," Terry said. "This campaign is about life and stopping the murder of babies, not about me."

Though no longer affiliated with the organization, Terry is the founder of Operation Rescue, one of the leading pro-life Christian activist groups.

The group's president said Terry does not have the group's support.

"Mr. Terry's comments are offensive and out of touch. His comments are only meant to inflame emotions and garner him personal publicity and financial support, to which he has no accountability," said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. "He does not represent Operation Rescue in any way. It is a shame that he continues to confuse and even deceive people with his mischaracterizations. We have no choice but to set the record straight."

Attempts to get comment from the National Organization for Women and the Feminist Majority Foundation, both women's equality and pro-choice organizations, were unsuccessful Thursday.

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