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Toledoans cautiously move on after bin Laden death

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Toledo, OH (WTOL) - Now that we have had some time to digest the Osama bin Laden death, many are asking what happens from here with Al-Qaeda, with threats, and with the Afghanistan war?

We went searching for answers and along the way found a slice of the Big Apple here in NW Ohio.

It's a small shop on Woodville Road called "Big Apple Deli which is named and themed after one of the biggest cities on earth.

"Everything's about New York in this deli," said deli worker Chris Anderson. She has been here for more than 11 years amongst the NYC sandwiches, sports teams, and memories of a city before a man named Osama bin Laden decided to attack. Anderson remembers that day.

"(I was in) complete shock that it could happen," she told us.

But on this day of much better news, there is a new attitude in the deli.

"I'm glad it's (Osama bin Laden) and not ours...our troops," Anderson explained.

Doctor Mark Simon gave us his reaction to the death.

"I'm a little concerned about what might come from this," Simon said.

Simon is the coordinator of the Peace and Conflicts Program at Bowling Green State University.

"I think you'll see responses against American targets in other places in the the Middle East...because that really is where Al-Qaeda is trying to restore itself," said Simon.

He also said this is another serious hit to Al-Qaeda after it was already weakened by peaceful uprisings in the Middle East. He told us people are saying they do not necessarily need violence to get what they want.

"Recruitment base (for Al-Qaeda) is going to be severely narrowed," he predicted.

Plus, Simon said another response could be people in the U.S. deciding they do not necessarily need to stand behind the U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

"The American public might become a little less willing to continue support the Afghanistan war," said Simon. "So, by the summer, there might be a little pressure on the Obama administration to encourage or speed up the pullout there," Simon added.

Meanwhile, at the little slice of New York in our area Anderson told us -like New Yorkers- we all need to be mindful of what can and has happened.

"(Is Al-Qaeda) going to retaliate? Hopefully not," said Anderson. "You never know, so be on alert."

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