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People collect everything, including rain

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Rain barrels are gaining popularity for homeowners and organizations.

Chris Cremean bought his first rain barrel three years ago and loves it because it collects a lot of water.

"Fifty gallons.  For a day like today, this would fill up in one day," Cremean said.

He uses the stored up water to feed his flowers, plants and vegetables - when it's not raining.

"So that you don't just have runoff and lose all that," Cremean said.

Cremean isn't the only one collecting water.

"It is our most valuable resource and we're not reproducing it," said Josh Miller, Horticulture Manager at Toledo Botanical Garden.

Water is critical to the year-round blooms at Toledo Botanical Garden, which is why it has two rain barrels filling up any given day.

"The rain we get in this season goes a long way to replenish what we lose over the course of the year.  It's nowhere near enough, but it gives the plants the best start they could hope for," Miller said.

Cremean hopes everyone will take a moment to go out and buy a rain barrel to help nature and help themselves.

"Look around and see how you can actually work together with nature to better your life," Cremean said.

You can buy a rain barrel Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the Spring plant sale at TBG.  The hours each day are 10am - 5pm.

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