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Polish Festival Calm on Saturday

TOLEDO -- The Lagrange Street Polish Festival was quiet Saturday.

This was after what appeared to be a gang fight shut down the festival a half-hour early Friday night.

Toledo police said two groups of young people flashed gang signs at each other and started to close in. Police said they stepped in to separate the 100 or so young folks and the young people started to run away.

Police say the young people were running into other folks causing all kinds of problems trying to get away. Festival organizer Terry Glazer said they put up a fence this year and started to charge $2 a person to help avoid this kind of situation. But he said the fencing company didn't get there until 3 or 4pm and didn't finish until late that night so there were gaps in the fence.

Officers said they arrested at least three people. No one was hurt.

Festival organizers says there are 28 officers providing security at the festival.  

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