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Teacher Resigns for Having Sex with Student

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AYERSVILLE, OHIO -- A 29 year-old teacher in Ayersville faces possible sexual battery charges after she reportedly had sex with one of her students. Nicole Long, a high school English and speech teacher, resigned after the allegations became public. The Ayersville school board accepted her resignation Monday night. Ayersville is located just southeast of Defiance in Defiance County.

At the board meeting Monday night, parent Bette Stark addressed the board with a bunch of questions about how a teacher could be having sex with a 17-year-old boy and no one knew about it. The board did not answer Stark's questions.

Stark said her son is a friend of the young man who supposedly had the affair with Long. She said her son was on the track team with the boy. Stark said Long would call the 17-year-old on the bus while they were going to track meets.

News 11 talked with a number of students and parents who wouldn't go on camera to give us a reaction to the news. However, senior classmates of the boy did tell us the 17-year-old went to class Monday and there was a lot of talk about these sexual allegations.

One former student who's a friend of the senior boy supposedly involved with Long said he was surprised by the allegations. "I've talked to him since this came out," said one young man who also told us he played on the football team with the 17-year-old. "He said he can't talk about it," he added.

"She should never teach again," said Stark. "She shouldn't ever be around kids. Obviously she doesn't know where to draw the line," Stark added.

On Wednesday, superintendent Tod Hug released a statement saying, "The events of the past month have been a very trying experience for the students, teachers, administration, board of education and the Ayersville community.  While I am sure that everyone concerned is interested in the details, since both cases are the subject of active criminal investigations, we have been asked not to provide any public comment concerning the individual cases at hand.  The Ayersville local schools has a rich tradition and will rebound from these issues.  It is the mission of the board and the administration to focus on the many positive activities that occur on a daily basis in our school system.  We have an excellent staff, with tremendous parental and community support that make us one of the best rural school districts in northwest Ohio.  It is the intention of the administration and teaching staff to move forward by continuing to provide the best possible services to the children of this school district."

A fellow educator did tell us Long was a great teacher in the classroom and that he would put her up against any of the best teachers in the state.

Long could be charged with sexual battery, which is a third-degree felonies. A grand jury will review the case January 18th.  She could not be reached for comment, but the sheriff confirms that Long is married and seven months pregnant.  He says the pregnancy has nothing to do with their case at this time.  "I'm not going to go into much detail because I don't want to jeopardize our case, but we're confident that we can go forth to the Grand Jury on the 18th," said Sheriff David Westrick.

This was the second teacher involved in a sex-related incident in the Ayersville district in recent times. Last month, the board suspended teacher Megan Espen without pay for allegedly showing a pornographic film during one of her Spanish classes.

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