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Local Muslims fearful after DVD released in newspapers

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PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - A non-profit group called the Clarion Fund paid to have a movie called "Obsession" delivered all over the country in last Sunday's newspapers. The Toledo Blade was one of them.

Local Muslims met in Perrysburg at the Islamic Center of greater Toledo Friday. They devised an official response about the DVD. Their message will be a full-page ad in the Blade. Muslims are worried about the way some Americans may react against them after seeing this movie.

The movie "Obsession" begins by saying it is a film about radical Islamic terror and that most Muslims are peaceful and do not support terror. But local Muslims don't see it that way.

"It doesn't show the good Muslims, too. If they were fair enough they would have a balancing act show the good and the bad," says Zaheer Hasan of the United Muslim Association of Toledo.

The Clarion Fund claims to be a non-profit group, but information on its web site is limited. Phone calls were not immediately returned.

WTOL found a web site, watchobsession.com, where the group says it's not anti-Muslim, but it fears the radical element of Muslims as it relates to national security. The movie tells of millions of radical Muslims who hate America and what violence they're willing to commit.

In Toledo, more than 100 people showed up to a unity meeting and news conference this afternoon denouncing the DVD's message, some calling it hate for political gain.

"The timing being they timed just about a month and a half right before the presidential election even though this DVD was issued two years ago," says community activist Amjad Dumani.

Some local Muslims say their children are fearful.

"And we have students coming and saying Mrs. Eldeib, are we safe coming to school every day. We immediately went into an emergency lock down," says Toledo Islamic Academy Principal Aalaa Eldieb.

Some were not happy with The Blade. Their response, in part reads, "the DVD was watched in its entirety before being accepted as an advertising supplement. It's content went to great lengths to differentiate between the practice of Islam and radical Jihadists."

Local Muslims hope people don't associate the estimated 150 million radical Muslims with them.

"The goodness is what we saw today. When people of this town stood and rallied by our side... That to me is the benevolence of this nation," says Zaheer Hasan.