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One Triple Homicide Victim Was Nearly Decapitated, Police Say

TOLEDO -- Twenty-four hours after three men were murdered in a boarded-up house in north Toledo, police follow leads taking them blocks away from the crime scene.

No suspects have been found, but people who knew the victims now offer opinions on what they think is to blame.

"They just stole everything in the neighborhood to get drugs," said David Selle, adding that victim Todd Archambeau came over to his place several times a day. "He came over all the time, wanting to use the phone, borrow money or take something to buy drugs with."

Cheryl Grim lived in Archambeau's home two years ago. "The windows were all in place and everything when we were there but, when we moved out, the place went downhill."

"There" is the place where Archambeau, Ken Nicholson and Michael York were discovered stabbed, shot and killed Tuesday morning. Archambeau, 44, died as the result of blunt force injuries to the head. He had also been shot in the nose and back. Nicholson, 41, died as the result of gunshot wounds to the head and chest. York, 44, died as the result of extensive sharp force injuries to the neck, resulting in partial decapitation.

News 11 checked their records with the court and found Archambeau faced charges for drug abuse and domestic violence; Nicholson faced charges for drug abuse and serving time for breaking and entering; and York faced charges for drug paraphernalia after serving time for that crime in 2001.

Police have yet to offer a motive on the crime. But neighbors don't think it's all a coincidence.

News 11 tracked down Archambeau's brother, the owner of an installation company in Toledo. He was at work today but did not want to comment on his brother's death. So far, there have been no arrests.

Police ask those who have information about this crime to call 419-255-1111.

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