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In December 2013, mere days before Christmas, Rachel wasn’t feeling well. She was taken to the doctor and diagnosed with the flu and an ear infection. A few days later, Rachel’s mom called the doctor because she had become so sick that she wasn’t able to keep her meds down. Her prescriptions were changed but it didn’t help. Rachel became so sick that she couldn’t even go to her grandma’s house for Christmas.

On December 27th Rachel went back to the doctor where she was diagnosed with Acute Sinusitis. This condition causes the cavities around the nasal passages to become inflamed and swollen. This interferes with drainage and causes mucus to build up. Acute Sinusitis can be caused by the common cold, allergies, bacterial and fungal infections. Two nights later, Rachel’s family was sitting around the table playing board games. All of a sudden, Rachel’s speech became slurred and no one could make out what she was saying. She then began to stare into space and not talk. It took 20 minutes before they finally were able to get her to respond. Rachel had trouble sleeping that night so her mom held her in a recliner chair downstairs. A few hours later she suddenly threw up, became unresponsive and started convulsing.

Rachel was rushed to the emergency room as she continued to seize. Her right eye, cheek and arm were twitching and jerking and saliva was starting to run out of the side of her mouth. Her seizure lasted over 2 hours. Rachel was transferred to Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis. They learned that there was fluid on her brain and an infection between her skull and brain called an Epidural Abscess. Within twelve hours Rachel was having surgery to clean out all of her sinus cavities in hopes that the infection would begin to subside. Rachel spent the next week in the hospital to see if the antibiotics were having an affect on the infection.

Doctors tried several antibiotics. Nothing seemed to work. On March 20, 2014, Rachel had a second surgery to clean out her sinus cavities once again. An MRI uncovered an infection in the front follicle bone that had started eating part of her bone. Doctors tried several additional antibiotics with no success. The family was told that if they didn’t see significant change on the next MRI on April 29th, Rachel would need to have a major surgery to remove her front follicle bone and replace it with a cement-like bone with a metal plate on top for protection. Rachel’s family immediately began praying for healing so that this surgery would not be necessary.

Their answer to prayer came when someone they attend church with asked if they had ever heard of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and encouraged them to call Sara’s Garden for more information. Click to read more...

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