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Harbor Adult Clinical Services

Anger Management Classes


Harbor offers a comprehensive bereavement and loss assistance program to individuals in need. Our clinicians assist:

  • Families who have lost an elder
  • Individuals who are grieving the death of a spouse
  • Individuals who are newly diagnosed with a terminal illness
  • Individuals who feel they have lost their identity due to a divorce
  • Parents who have lost their child in a traumatic event
  • Children who are grieving a parent
  • Individuals who have lost their child to suicide
  • Adults who have lost their job
  • Families who have lost their homes due to economic downfall and many other situations.

How we help... Harbor will help you take your time through this process and take immediate steps to help you function in the short-term while you deal with this long-term change.



Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment

Community Psychiatric Supportive Treatment is a service that will help you and your family receive access to psychiatric, medical, social, financial, education, and other resources.  Our CPST caseworkers focus on supporting you by helping identify and access services that will help you lead a more satisfying life.  CPST services are typically ongoing and are designed to make sure you receive the services you need in order to live successfully in the community and function at your best. 

Individual and Group Counseling

You can participate in one-on-one counseling with one of Harbor's trained staff members. Many individuals prefer the trusted relationship and rapport they develop with their counselor.  For others, group therapy is important to their recovery and long-term symptom management. By the nature of the group setting, group

therapy is similar to a support group. Groups are led by a Harbor clinician and offer supportive and directed discussion. These sessions often empower the individual as they see others in similar circumstances.

Psychiatric Evaluations & Medication Management

Psychiatric evaluations are a detailed interview to identify your mental health needs or issues. These evaluations may lead to the use of medication. If medications are prescribed, your usage and reactions will be monitored through medication management appointments.

Our program offers treatment options for a wide range of behavioral issues including, but not limited to:

»    Anger management
»    Anxiety
»    Adjustment difficulties
»    Bi-polar Disorder
»    Coping skills
»    Depression
»    Dual diagnosis
»    Eating disorders
»    Post Partum Depression
»    Schizophrenia
»    Stress Management

Psychological Testing

Psychological tests are usually paper and pencil tests. They ask questions about your thinking ability, feelings, and relationships.  You will also be asked to talk about how you think and feel about certain topics.  These tests help to identify specific behaviors or patterns you may display and allow us to further understand how we can help you through your treatment plan.

Transitional Living Program

The Transitional Living program serves youth from ages 17 ½ -25 that are forced into adulthood due to abandonment, domestic violence, abuse, or mental health issues.  Harbor utilizes a holistic approach to nurture and link these young adults with knowledge of community resources, basic skills, and emotional or social support to ensure a successful entrance into adulthood.

Visiting Nurse Program

Current Harbor adult clients with Medicaid who are receiving medical services are eligible for this program.  The nurses will be available to provide ongoing monitoring of medication for clients who may be stable but still require regular assessment between Psychiatry or Harbor based nurse appointments.   This service is not a traditional medical care appointment but for psychiatric medication management only.