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Statement from Grace Kennedy's family

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Bob and (Kathy Kennedy) would like very much if it is possible to mention…the family declined a live interview (due to the nature and progress of the investigation) but requested the following statement be released:

"Grieving a murder is unlike anything we have ever experienced with the loss of a loved one. Questions continue to flood our minds night and day trying to make sense out of something so senseless. Our family members, personal friends and even members of our own communities that didn't know Grace are outraged that someone could demonstrate such violence and anger towards a 91-yr. old woman. There is no excuse for what happened. Although we haven't expended physical energy, our brains never rest...we feel exhausted and worn as the investigation progresses and the depth of loss and anger are felt. Grace would have been 92-yrs. old in April and with Mother's Day approaching it has been a very emotional time with the loss felt even deeper than the weeks immediately following her death.

Most of all, we feel the emptiness from the tragic loss of Grace, our loving mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, sister, military servant, community volunteer, and deeply spiritual person. We beg anyone who might have any additional information and a shred of decency and compassion to come forward and call the City of Bryan police department or Crimestoppers. It continues to be a difficult and sad time for all of us and we pray for an arrest, conviction,justice and healing for not only ourselves but the residents of the City of Bryan."




A tribute at the funeral of Grace Kennedy

by her granddaughter, Michelle

Today I stand here before family, friends, co-workers, co-parishioners and all those who have been touched by the life of my beloved grandmother.

For all who were lucky enough to know her, you know she was full of spirit and spunk. You knew she loved you if she harassed you about something every time you talked to her. Many times it was about the same thing she harassed you about the time before. When she was finished she would always laugh and say, "Oh, I just love you so much, ya know, that's all."

I was especially close to her. I remember when I was a little kid, and lived just around the corner from her, and my sister and I would bike or roller blade over to her house to visit and get candy and all the other treats your parents won't let you have but grandmas will. And every Sunday she would make a delicious home cooked meal for us. My favorite was her meatballs. I'm actually eating one from her recipe right now as I write this. When I visited her, before moving to Arizona a few months ago, she made the biggest meal of king crab, salad with Ĭtalian dressing, not Ītalian, green bean casserole and more. It was "enough for an army" as she'd say.

My favorite thing to do when I visited was play cards with her. We would play gin rummy for hour-upon-hour. I always tried to quit when I was ahead, but she wouldn't let me. She just loved to skunk me! When we would get interrupted by visitors I tried to cheat but she was way ahead of me and put the kibosh on that quickly!! What a pistol she was.

My grandmother was the most generous woman I know. She was always trying to send you home with all kinds of things you never needed, or sometimes even wanted, but you took it anyway because you knew it made her feel good. She'd say, "Here, take home this food, take these pretty sweaters I picked up at the thrift store. What else do you want? I want to get rid of this junk so you don't have to worry about it when I'm gone."

When I'm gone.... she has been talking about dying for the last 10 years. She was never afraid but always accepted the fact that the only thing she had to do was pay taxes and die. And now that time has come.

As tragic a loss this is, I ask each and every one of you not to look back in sadness but instead celebrate. Celebrate the long, loving life she lived and all the things she's accomplished and know that she is in peace with her Lord, her husband, and her son today in heaven. I'm sure right now she's harassing my grandpa already.

Thank you to every one of you for touching the life of my beloved grandmother, Grace.