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Mike Lacett

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My life goal? To live in every region of the United States.

The West? Done it. The Southeast? Check. The Northeast? You know it. (Twice)

And now the Midwest. All I need is the Southwest, Alaska, and Hawaii, and I'm set.

Okay, that's not my life goal but it is one of the perks of the business. I've lived all over the country, and now I'm delighted to be in Toledo, covering Sports for WTOL 11.

My dream of being a sportscaster began when I was 11, watching a late night Knicks game on TV in good old, Plainsboro, New Jersey. I remember thinking, I could do that. The desire to follow that dream never left. My parents always supported the dream and encouraged me to get involved in my high school radio station.

When it came time for college, since Marv Albert and Bob Costas went to Syracuse University, there was no other school I wanted to attend. By senior year, I had landed my first job and my career was off and running. Over the last decade, I've hosted radio shows, done the daily 6 and 11 TV sportscasts, and called games on both television and radio.

By far, the real highlight of my job is meeting people in the community with incredible stories to tell. I can't wait to tell yours.

If you've got a good one, I'd love to tell your story too. Send me an email at Mlacett@WTOL.com.