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Some question claims made in Mayor Bell ad supporting Issue 2

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TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Toledo Mayor Mike Bell is featured in the first statewide television ad being aired in support of State Issue 2, which seeks voter approval of Senate Bill 5 which reforms collective bargaining for public sector workers.

"As mayor, I'm working to fix my city without laying off good people or raising taxes. That's why I support Issue 2", says Bell in the commercial.

It's being aired by the group ‘Building a Better Ohio', which is pleased to have an Independent speaking on behalf of their cause.

"Mike Bell comes from a point of view that represents a lot of Ohioans. They're in the middle, they're tired of the political gamesmanship, the partisan rhetoric," said group spokesman Jason Mauk.

However a portion of the ad is drawing criticism, in which Bell refers to him being laid off as a firefighter in 1980.

Firefighters Local 92 V.P. Dan Desmond said the mayor's remarks are irrelevant because that happened before collective bargaining became law in Ohio in 1983. 

"When he was laid off there was no collective bargaining so I'm so sure how the message resonates," said Desmond. Desmond said ads being aired by ‘We are Ohio' better reflect the firefighter perspective of the issue.     

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