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Nearly a year after their disappearance, Skelton brothers still missing

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MORENCI, MI (WTOL) - It has been nearly a year since Andrew, Alex and Tanner Skelton captured the hearts of many. However, as we near the anniversary of their disappearance, the boys still have not returned home.

The brothers' family and friends will hold a prayer vigil to keep their memory alive on Sunday.

"I, as the rest of the community, were in hopes that they would be found and brought home soon. A year is a long time," said Cyndee Sanders, a family friend.

Sanders and another family friend, Kathye Herrera, planned the vigil for many reasons, but especially the family. They said the last year has been tough for them, but it is time to regroup.

"It's important for the family. I think they need to reaffirm that the community is still there and caring," Herrera said.

For the first time, the boys' mother and her two daughters will conduct a prayer vigil. It will be held at Wakefield Park.

"It was important for it to be here at the park. It's a place the boys visited often," Sanders said.

R&W Nursery donated a Brandywine Maple in the boys' honor. The family chose the tree.

"They wanted something that would be big and sturdy, that would continue to be here for many, many years," Herrera said.

Soon the color of the tree will turn into a deep purple, making it stand out from the other trees in the park. A plaque with the boys' names will also be mounted by the tree.

"It's important to keep the awareness out that we're still looking," Sanders said. "We've not given up hope."

Herrera said the year has been full of ups and downs, but she said even on good days, they will never stop looking.

"Life goes on, but that doesn't mean that there's a day go by that those boys aren't on their minds and in their hearts," she said.

Sanders put together magnets with the boys' picture on it. They can be attached to cars to keep Andrew, Alex and Tanner's faces fresh in the public's minds.  If you are interested in purchasing one, contact Sanders at

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