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Central Catholic High School Old Glory Club distributes 300 flags to veteran graves

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TOLEDO, OHIO (WTOL) – Every Veteran's Day members of the Central Catholic High School Old Glory Club travel to Toledo area cemeteries planting flags honoring the men and women who served this country. This year 300 flags are being distributed.

"It just shows us to respect the people that have paid their dues for us," said student Danielle Turner.

This is an idea from Central Catholic American government teacher Tony Katafiasz. Katafiasz explained that it is one thing to read about people who made sacrifices for this country, but visiting their gravesites leaves a lasting impression.

"I think anytime you can interact with material or have a hands-on experience, it sticks longer. Better lesson. I think you get a lot more out of it," said Katafiasz.

Besides planting flags, students clean up gravesites, many of which are neglected.

"I find the cemetery people don't do their jobs for veterans. Someone has to if they're not going to," said student Joseph Peebles.

Students feel that the veterans buried in these local cemeteries are war heroes and deserve respect and honor.

"All these people put their lives on the line for us, so we can do something to give back to them," said student Morgan Gaudet.

Student Lauren Wagner added, "I just thought it was a good opportunity to get involved in the school and something different I've never done before."

Katafiasz hopes these students will pass this patriotic lesson onto others so they too can appreciate the value of freedom.  

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