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Don't Waste Your Money: How to decode help wanted ads

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(WTOL) - Is anyone in your family looking for work? There are some words in the help wanted ads to watch out for.

The good news: More companies are hiring in 2012.

The bad news: They're expecting much more out of their new hires than in the past.

But a new report says you can spot a brutal workplace by decoding the help wanted ad.

Job fairs and help wanted ads are finally on the increase again. But Fortune magazine says watch out for buzz words hidden in those employment listings on Career Builder, Monster, and other sites.

Among the buzz words are "team player," which often means they want someone who follows orders. Or "self starter," which means you'd better achieve results without any help. Another red flag is "fast-paced environment," which Fortune says you can be expected to work hard for long hours.

From the Doesn't That Stink file, the most dangerous buzz word in employment ads, according to Fortune, is "multitasker." Fortune says that word can mean you will be asked to handle many jobs at once. It says a multitasking job description can mean they will switch your assignment on a moments notice and they haven't really figured out what your main focus should be.

Of course, if you are out of work, any employment opportunity may be a good opportunity. But if you are on the bubble, watch for red flags so you don't waste your money.

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