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Holland church accepting donations for fire victims

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HOLLAND, OH (WTOL) – After more than four dozen people lost almost all of their possessions in the Hidden Cedars Apartment complex fire Sunday night, the Timberlake Community Church has put together a donation drive for the victims.

The church is working with several area schools and acting as a distribution site for supplies donated to the fire victims, and after only one day of gathering donations, they have tables full of items ready to be picked up.

"We weren't sure about the outpouring of the community. We were thinking standing here today we'd only have a couple tables full. But again as you can see - we're running out of space." said Ed Grable.

"It's just beautiful, they just keep coming in, and keep calling and wanting to bring more and more, and asking how can we help - what do you not have - what can we bring more of.  We never really had to ask; as soon as they found out they brought stuff." said Trina Wooldridge.

According to Grable, one community member even brought in an entire car full of items:

"This woman came by, and she was in a SUV and had all the seats folded down and she popped up the top and she said I have donations, and the thing was full of toilet paper, and water and she even brought us food."

Organizers hope that the donations will help relieve some of the pain the victims are experiencing.

"I hope they can go to bed, and they can have a smile on their face and they could feel peace and joy in their hearts even though everything they had has disappeared." said Wooldridge.

Donations are being collected through Friday. Fire victims are allowed to stop by and pick up free items, but the official distribution day is set for Saturday.

The church is asking for donations of food, clothing, toiletries, etc.

They say they are in desperate need of items such as towels, bedding, pet food, formula and diapers.

The Timberlake Community Church is located in Holland at 1007 S. McCord Road #6. Their phone number is (419) 868 1208.

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