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T Mobile announces unlimited data plan

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(TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - Many recent changes by cell phone carriers have left people thinking the unlimited data plan is dead. But one carrier has just announced the launch of a new unlimited plan.

Both AT&T and Verizon announced this summer they will phase out unlimited data plans. The reason behind this is twofold. First, with many people having more than one device, we're using more data than ever before. That will inevitably affect usage as connections get more crowded. Second, most people now have cell phones. So, the revenue possibility has shrunk from the phones. That means carriers want to make more money from plans.

Despite, most major carriers moving away from unlimited data plans, T Mobile announced Tuesday that they would launch one. The plan is expected to begin September 5, the New York Times reports.

T Mobile says it is truly unlimited and it will cost $30 a month for customers who bought phones subsidized by T-Mobile, or $20 a month for customers who bought phones unsubsidized or from elsewhere.

This is a move made by T Mobile to stay competitive. They are struggling as one of the only major carriers who does not offer the iPhone.

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