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SHOCKING VIDEO: MD trooper hit by semi during traffic stop

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WASHINGTON COUNTY, MD (TOLEDO NEWS NOW) - A Maryland state trooper was hit by a tractor trailer during a traffic stop, and it was caught on his patrol car's dash camera.

WHAG reports trooper David Avila had pulled over a driver for speeding, and the driver was about to get off with a warning.

While standing next to the vehicle, a semi driving too close to the shoulder hit the patrol car and then Avila. Since then, he's been taking physical therapy for injuries to his shoulder, back and legs. He also has post-concussive syndrome, meaning he can't maintain balance and light hurts his eyes.

Avila wants his injury to draw attention to the law of moving over a lane when passing emergency responders. The law says drivers must drop their speed ten miles under the speed limit or pull to the left lane when they see an emergency vehicle on the shoulder. But many drivers either don't know about the law or they aren't obeying it.

The truck driver paid a fine for breaking the law.

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