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‘Pack A Pick-Up’ raising awareness about need to help

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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The ‘Pack A Pick-Up' drives being held at selected local high schools before Friday night football games are helping to raise awareness about the need of helping people to put food on the family dinner tables.

Toledo Seagate Foodbank Executive Director Deb Vas says donations are boosting its on-going mission to help those who are struggling to make ends meet.

"Having the partners with Pack a Pick-up is a plus for our food pantries. Their needs are up. They're struggling to keep the pantries full and families are struggling to have 3 meals a day for their children," said Vas.

The pantry at Calvary Assembly of God in South Toledo is one of the many organizations that will receive donations from the drives.

"We were the recipients of ten cases of canned goods which comes at a time when we could use them, said Tom Maidment.

"Every month we've involved in distributing to our congregation and the public here in Lucas County. We see all kinds, single moms, military people, seniors and a lot more young people," said Maidment.

Vas said there is a network to make sure donations stay close to home.

"It's developing a partnership of sharing, so when we have food collected at a specific school that food stays in the food pantry area and they're helping their own neighbors. Studies and reports say 1 in 5 children may go to bed hungry, that could be a child on your own block you just don't know," said Vas.

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