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Postage now required to mail absentee ballots.

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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - The Board of Elections wants to remind absentee voters to make sure there is enough postage on the envelope before mailing it an absentee ballot. In the past, postage for absentee ballots was already paid for.

It costs $1.30 to mail a vote in Lucas County. There is a sheet of paper explaining this that comes with an absentee ballot.

The Lucas County Democratic Party held a press conference Wednesday and said even though they oppose not providing postage to voters, they want to get the word out about the cost. 

They showcased three giant stamps to represent the three stamps needed to stick on before mailing out a ballot.

"If the vote doesn't get through the post office to the board of elections because it doesn't have the right amount of stamps, it's not going to get counted. We don't want people wasting their votes over $1.30 a postage," said Peter Gerken, Lucas County Commissioner.

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted said they have received more than 1.1 million requests to vote by mail.

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