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State Auditor releases 2nd phase of school attendance report

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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - On Tuesday, State Auditor Dave Yost announced the completion of the second phase of work into whether schools falsified attendance records.

In the second round of statewide school audits released, the state auditor said he did not find any indication of schools scrubbing data.

Yost says this interim report tried to evaluate as many schools as possible with a levy on the ballot. A total of 81 schools were evaluated. Any further analysis of Toledo Public Schools will not be included in Tuesday's report. 

In the initial audit, eight Toledo schools were found to use the practice of scrubbing, which is when schools withdraw truant students and then re-enroll them in order to boost attendance records and test scores.

It is not all bad news for TPS. Auditor Yost said they did alert him of this practice.

"Toledo schools came out voluntarily and disclosed what their practices were, so I think that counts in their favor," explained Yost.

Penalties for schools and districts found in violation are still being evaluated. Yost says there is a possibility money could be withheld.

"Some schools in Ohio are going to have their grade cards recalculated. Some might have to have their financial statements restated," said Yost.

Audits will be completed in a few months, along with specific recommendations given to school districts.

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