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Don't Waste Your Money: 'Phablets' are coming

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The next big trend in technology could be a "phablet," a combination of a smart phone and tablet. The next big trend in technology could be a "phablet," a combination of a smart phone and tablet.
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If you are like most people, you use your smart phone more for texting and social media than for talking. So if we're not talking, why exactly do we need a phone? What if your iPad, or other tablet, could take calls? It may be the next big trend in technology.

Many of us now have a smart phone, or a tablet, or both. So what's next? You may have a hard time believing this, but your next gadget may be a combination phone and tablet.

The next big tech device is expected to be the "phablet," a combination of smart phone and tablet.

Looks Goofy, But...

Have you ever seen someone walking around talking into a tablet? It looks funny at first. But stop laughing, you may be doing this in a couple of years.

It's already a rage in Japan, which often sets trends. "Hello Kitty," anyone?
Phablets are also called "fat phones," hence the "phab" part.  

Think of the advantage: Not only does it save $200, which is the average phone cost, but it eliminates the need to carry two separate devices, since most of us no longer talk much on our cell phones anymore. 
The huge success of the Samsung Galaxy Note - a large smart phone - indicates more are headed this way.

Doesn't That Stink?

But from the "doesn't that stink" file, comes the fact that many men will not like the idea of carrying a phablet.

A small tablet, like the iPad Mini or Kindle, is perfect for women, as it fits in their purse. But it won't fit in a man's pants' pocket, unless he wears cargo pants to work. This could then lead to the next trend: More and more "man purses" to carry the phablet.

Apple Dipping A Toe In The Water

Apple is already making the move. It has recently announced it will start selling an iPad Mini with a built-in cell phone in China later this year.

Apple has no plans - yet - to sell it in the U.S. But if it continues losing market share to Samsung, watch for an iPad Mini phone very soon.

Tech bloggers say the iPad Mini is almost designed to be a phablet, but it will face a lot of competition from Samsung, which has a big head start.

So you may want to start saving your pennies, so you don't waste your money.

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