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Home Run 5K: Help a local family receive a home

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A local ministry called 'Proverbs 19:17' is hosting their second annual Home Run 5K.

The money collected from the 5K will go directly to building a brand new home for a working family in need.

The home will take about four months to complete once they begin the building process. But in order to do that, the Proverbs 19:17 ministry needs to raise about $70,000.

This will be the second year the ministry has built a home for a family. "We were very blessed last year to accomplish all of our goals, and so this year we are very excited to get started again," says Heritage Builders, Bill Andreason.

The home design is ready to go, and the family is selected; now it's time to begin the fundraising. The Home Run 5K is the first event of the year.

"The money goes directly to building a home for a family, 100% of that money goes directly to building that home" says Andreason. 

The Eastburns, a family of three, has been selected to receive the home.

"When so many people like me struggle, especially single moms, just to make ends meet and then to be blessed with something as big as this and to have the burden lifted, is overwhelming," says mother of two, Monica Eastburn.

Eastburn works as a massage therapist and is a student at TJC; she says the home will help her make ends meet.

"It's very humbling and wonderful. I just want to say thank you and we really hope to be the people that deserve such a blessing," says Eastburn.

"It's really meaningful to do something like this for a family who couldn't do it for themselves otherwise, and it's not because they're not working diligently trying to improve their lives. They just couldn't do it," says Proverbs 19:17 ministry organizer Lesa Bell.

Now they just need runners to begin the process.

The run is on March 9th at Faulkner Park in Lindale. The Kids Fun Run begins at 8:00 a.m., and the 5K begins at 9:00 a.m.

You can register by visiting http://www.proverbs1917ministries.org/

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