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Outside investigation into possible corruption involving school buses

Posted: Updated: March 14, 2013 11:01 PM

19 Action News just got our hands on a big report on possible corruption with your money--and school buses, and one thing stands out.

The report was done by an outside investigator looking into the Cleveland Schools transportation section. One finding could be criminal.

Attorney Richard Blake led the review and looked at everything from how the buses get used to how they're fixed.

Blake found one school district's mechanic also worked at a private company with a contract to fix Cleveland school buses.

The report says the mechanic "held an interest" in the contract and "used the authority and influence of his employment" to get the contract.

That private company is Rwr Transportation.

The head of the company wouldn't talk to the outside investigator.

"Why didn't you talk to the investigator," asked reporter Ed Gallek. 

"Why do I need to talk to the investigator? Why would I talk to them about something?  Why would I talk to them if I have nothing to hide? We've had nothing unethical going on with this contract," answered Rick King.

The report also found problems with how the district transportation division handled parts and equipment. The recommendations include ethics training and having the district look to file criminal charges against the mechanic also working at the private garage with the district contract.

The district says that mechanic no longer works for the school system and it no longer has a contract with that company.

And, the district is following other suggestions made--even asking the state ethics commission to open an investigation.

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