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Restaurant Ratings: Jewelry worn by employees creates potential safety issues

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Employees at the Arby's on West Alexis Road were caught wearing jewelry while preparing food, which can lead to many potential issues in the future. Employees at the Arby's on West Alexis Road were caught wearing jewelry while preparing food, which can lead to many potential issues in the future.
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It's all about the hands! Rings, bracelets and fake nails can all harbor dirt and grime. If food handlers aren't wearing latex gloves while making your meal, a foodborne illness is a real possibility.

Two restaurants share one problem: Employees wearing jewelry while preparing food. This happened at Arby's and Burger King on West Alexis Road in west Toledo. Jewelry, such as rings, bracelets, and watches, might get dirty and become harmful to your food, not to mention the possibility that pieces of the item - or the whole item itself - may fall into the food being prepared.

A second violation for Burger King was a torn gasket on the freezer.

Two other restaurants this week need to send employees to a food safety course. During the inspection at Yogurt U on Secor Road in west Toledo, there was no one certified in at least a level one food safety course. Inspectors also found containers with no lids in need of immediate attention as one of its six violations.

The same goes for Gyro A Plus on Huron Street in north Toledo. During all hours of operation, at least one employee needs to have the proper credentials in food safety. Inspectors also found gyro meat without date markings and buildup on cooler doors as part of its four violations.

The Sodbuster Bar in Sylvania racked up nine violations. Inspectors noted no soap or paper towels at the bar hand sink, a broken hot water knob leaking at the kitchen hand sink, outdated taco meat and raw sausage stored above Jell-O shots in a cooler.

A total of 13 violations were found at Madison Bistro in central Toledo, including seven repeat violations. The health department has ordered management to replace its flooring within 80 days and remove buildup inside the ice machine, as well as walk-in cooler fan guards.

Two restaurants on Main Street in east Toledo are in need of some changes. At Subway, inspectors found food trays are being stored directly on the floor and dirty dishes were sitting on top of the area where food is prepared in its four violations. At Marco's Pizza, inspectors found breaded chicken without a date label, personal items being stored on the pizza bag rack, and cracked flooring in its six violations.

What about restaurants in good standing? The Subway on North Superior Street in central Toledo, Biggby Coffee and Sam's Diner on Dussel Drive in Maumee, plus Arby's on Navarre Avenue in Oregon are all free of violations.

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