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Genoa Police searching for park vandals

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This pirate ship equipment was vandalized last week. This pirate ship equipment was vandalized last week.
GENOA, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Genoa Police are looking for who is behind recent vandalism at Veterans Memorial Park.

They're hoping to stop the problem before it goes any further.

"We're just trying to get some awareness out to our residents in this area," said Police Chief Robert Bratton. "If you see anything, give the police department a call."

The damage has been cleaned up, but just a week ago the pirate ship was vandalized, and benches in the pavilion were stacked up to the ceiling.

"You know, that's expensive, when you start damaging that type of equipment," Bratton said. "In a small village, they invest some money into this, so you want to keep it the best you can."

The park is frequently used. Sarah Bittner, who was visiting the park, said the vandals aren't just damaging the park, but also the community.

"My grandfather actually lives right at the other end of the street, and if it can happen in the park, what's stopping it from happening at my grandfather's house?" she said.

Chief Bratton says most of the vandalism is happening at night when the park is closed. He says the vandals are building forts in the wooded area.

"In the forts, we're pretty sure that there is some alcohol drinking going on, maybe some marijuana usage back there, and they're starting fires," he said.

Now the police department is trying to prevent these dangerous activities by increasing their patrol.

The investigation is ongoing.

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