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What Sets Our Practice Apart

We are the only Chiropractic Physicians in this specialty, in the Toledo area. Our specialty includes unique x-rays, for example: 3D x-rays of the neck including specialized views that are only taken at this clinic, and not available in hospitals in this area. 

 We use special diagnostic equipment that includes thermography, anatometer, postural analysis, adjusting equipment for multiple low force adjusting techniques that require no twisting, bending or popping, and are all totally painless. 

 We have over 40 years experience in adjusting the upper cervical area (the neck), along with specific low force adjustments of the total body including the lumbar spine and the lower back, with minimal discomfort, if any, which is also different in its approach. 

 We have two Chiropractic x-ray technicians who are Board Certified in the State of Ohio, and are well trained to take these specialty x-rays.They are the only 3D x-ray technologists in Ohio.

  There are times when a patient may have a minimal wait, but when it is their turn, total personal attention is given to that patient.  They do not leave the office until we have made a correction verified by pre-testing with high technology equipment, and post testing after the adjustment.  If the problem is stubborn the patient stays in this office until we get a satisfactory reduction in their symptoms both pain and function for example: walking. 

 Because of this thoroughness patients come from all parts of Ohio and many of the surrounding states up to the east coast, to come receive care at our clinic knowing we are committed to giving the best care and getting results for the patient...return to home page