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Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care Is What We Do

How does it differ:  It differs in the approach and how it is administered. The upper cervical or upper neck adjustment was developed in 1933 by Dr. B.J. Palmer.  Of course it was in its early stages, much had to be improved with research and finally Dr. Blair in the 1970's continued to do research and found more precise work to identify the area to be adjusted mathematically.  The upper neck area is the area where they call the brain stem.  It almost controls the total body.  For example Christopher Reeves, who starred as Superman, fell off his horse and fractured the very top bone at the base of the skull.  At that instant he became a quadriplegic.  He could not move his arms.  He could not move his legs.  He had respiratory problems and other issues.  That is because that upper neck area controls most of your bodily functions not because he had injured other parts of his body.  This specialty, which takes a good eight years of pre-med university studies and Chiropractic college along with a three year Internship to learn this work so we are looking at a total of eleven years of training.  With this expertise using advanced methods of diagnostic equipment, by far the only Center in Ohio having as much sensitive equipment to detect that bone putting slight pressure at the base of the skull.  This allows us to administer a very light amount of pressure hardly noticeable to the patient to correct the problem.  NO twisting, as we do not do any twisting, cracking or popping whatsoever adjustments also know as a Rotary Break.

Upper cervical care is a very gentle and specific type of Chiropractic care that treats the whole body and that requires no twisting, popping or cracking...return to home page