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3-D X-Rays

We often say, "we are only as good as our x-rays," and it is very true.  The x-ray process is very important to the type of Chiropractic care we provide.  Our series of x-rays includes seven individualized pictures of the neck, one of which is taken solely to take measurements, so as to accurately take two of the others.  This is the only 3-D x-ray series taken and the only series that requires a measurement from one x-ray to take others done anywhere in the world.  These x-rays must be so precise that if there is a difference of more than 3mm they must be retaken.  Without this degree of specificity it is impossible to tell where the misalignment that is causing symptoms is located.  Without these x-rays it would be impossible for us as Practitioners to identify the precise direction and location of this misalignment.  Keep in mind that the first bone in the neck by itself, research shows, is capable of misaligning 2,004 different ways.  Without specific and precise 3-D x-rays it would be impossible to determine exactly which of those 2,004 ways it might be misaligned. 

Without x-rays we would be guessing and we won't guess when it comes to your health!...return to home page