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Frequency And Duration Of Treatment

Most Chiropractors would request patients come in two to three times a week for the first three weeks of treatment.  Our upper cervical method allows us to be just as effective and see patients anywhere from once a week, to once every eight weeks, or longer.  We have found that this helps the body maintain stability and gives the body an opportunity to heal and reduce the need for further Chiropractic adjustments.  On every visit in our office patients receive seven pre, and post, adjustment checks monitored by computers and sensitive evaluation equipment to determine the need for an adjustment and the success of said adjustment.  We find it is very important to allow the body to heal between adjustments, therefore we space out the adjustments so as to not to "over adjust," the spine.

 It is often stated that once you go to a Chiropractor you will go to one for the rest of your life.  This is misleading, to say the least.  Through Chiropractic care, we help manage spinal conditions much the same way as a diabetic sees their Medical physician for management of their diabetes.  For this diabetic patient, his or her Medical physician will have him come in several times over the period of a treatment plan to run tests to evaluate on whether or not his treatment, in the form of medication, in most cases, is keeping the diabetes under control.  We also as Chiropractors monitor your skeletal condition through monitoring the misalignment with our computers and testing equipment.  The difference is that for you to receive a treatment, you have to come to our office physically whereas we are unable to deliver you an adjustment out of a jar at home three times a day.  You still need treatment to keep your spinal condition under control.  We understand there is some inconvenience in coming into the office for treatments, but we do our best to keep you away from this office as much as possible while helping you enjoy the best quality of life. 


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