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Sex offenders wanted in Cuyahoga County, by the numbers

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Sex offenders wanted in Cuyahoga County, by the numbers Sex offenders wanted in Cuyahoga County, by the numbers

A 19 Action News investigation found just how many sex offenders are hiding on the streets of Cuyahoga County.

We heard estimates before, but now we have hard numbers. Cuyahoga County has 2,800 sex offenders currently under watch. Right now, 125 are wanted.  

So far this year, 219 have been wanted for not checking in with deputies. That is a felony crime for sex offenders.

"It's pretty consistent," said Deputy Katie Oleksiak.

"So how long do they get away with hiding on your streets?" 19 Action News reporter Ed Gallek asked. 

Oleksiak added, "Very. Very, few that are wanted for years. It's typically, a few months."

One convict wanted in Cuyahoga County is Alonzo Dejernette. He heard we were looking for him, so he called 19 Action News. We asked why he hadn't checked in, as he is supposed to once a year.

"Slipped my mind. You can see I'm here. If I had something to hide, I would never have called you to let you know where I'm at," he said.

Dejernette says he will now report to deputies Wednesday. However, he still faces a felony charge for not reporting in on time.

The Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Office has teams of deputies that look for wanted sex offenders, and those investigators sometimes team with U.S. Marshals.

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