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Posey County family say cut in food stamps will make things harder

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For many, it's how they feed their families. Now some 48-million Americans are dealing with cuts to the food stamp program.

Those cuts took effect on Friday thanks to the expiration of the 2009 recovery act - a provision enacted to reduce hunger during the recession.

14 News had a lot of response on our Facebook page to the food stamp cuts. Some believe it doesn't matter and think people on food stamps should just work harder to get a job to make up the difference.

One family 14 News spoke with say it isn't always that simple.

"Trying to make ends meet is terrible," said Amy Phillips.

Phillips lives in Posey County and has multiple sclerosis. Her son, Sean, is autistic, and she said her husband recently lost his job.

"We're trying to find some income elsewhere," said Phillips. "I don't work, because I take care of him."

Phillips says the government givers her family $429 a month for food, but with the government shifting some of the funding for food stamps to areas of education and school nutrition programs, Phillips' family will lose about $30 a month.

"$400 for five weeks? That's not even $100," said Phillips. "That's only maybe $70. Now you have to think, 'OK, can I rely on family? Do I have to not eat? Do I give up getting medicines and health supplies?' What am I going to do?"

Phillips said her husband has tried to apply for unemployment benefits to no avail. She said her husband is looking for a new job while she stays behind to take care of herself and her son.

Phillips also believes many Americans are stuck in a similar situation and she hopes the folks on Capitol Hill will do something to help the 48-million Americans who will soon feel the effects on the cuts.

"I just ask for people to pray for us," said Phillips. "Pray for everybody that's been cut."

There have been some protests to the food stamp cuts by democratic lawmakers in Washington, but so far, there hasn't been an organized effort to reinstate the funding.

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