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Line King recounts previous century 'Games of Century'

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(RNN) - Well, this is about the fifth weekend of Game of the Century match-ups this season and I, for one, am tired of Games of the Century.

Games of the Century should be limited to one per century. And we should make the penalty for inappropriate use the term so taxing or debilitating that the talking heads on TV and the Grantland Rice wannabes that actually think people still read the paper will think twice before getting hyperbolic. I recommend something along the lines of making them run with the bulls in Pamplona barefooted, or get into the ring with semi-retired but full-crazy rassler Abdullah the Butcher.

There shouldn't be any confusion between a college Game of the Century and The Greatest Game Ever Played – the 1958 NFL Championship game.

There are several reasons that particular pro game lives up to the moniker: it was the first game to be broadcast nationally; the first NFL playoff game to go into overtime; Raymond Berry's 12 receptions (a record that still stands) and an NBC employee who was ordered to create a distraction because the national television feed had gone dead. That employee ran onto the field during the game giving technicians enough time to fix the problem (You won't get that this weekend). Final score: Baltimore 23, New York Giants 17. You had to be there.

OK so, let's review some previous so-called college Games of the Century (GOTC) and see if they measure up, and please note: so-called Games of the Century shall be played on real grass and outside – preferably in cold, rainy weather:

1935 Notre Dame 18 @ Ohio State 13: I am inclined to immediately say "no," however just looking at the box score is intriguing enough (they actually scored points – a rarity back in the day). Factor in that tickets were selling for as high as $50 (approximately $1 million in today's dollars because it took place in the Great Depression and everybody was broke). Tickets were being counterfeited and officials claim they could have sold more than 200,000 tickets (approximately 1 billion in today's tickets).

Notre Dame had a halfback named William Shakespeare who threw the winning touchdown pass. Of note: today's Big 12 (actually 10 teams) was known as the Big 6; Sewanee was in the $EC; SMU was declared the BCS-of-the-day Dickenson System National Championship and there were only four bowls – Rose, Sugar, Orange and…Sun (how did El Paso get left out of the current BCS monopoly?). GOTC Conclusion: Maybe

1946 Notre Dame 0 @ Army 0: ZERO to ZERO! Come on! Of note: Army's Doc Blanchard finished his West Point career with a 27-0-1 record (equivalent to finishing 47-0-1 today). A beast of a man, Blanchard scored 38 touchdowns (equivalent to Marcus Mariota throwing 100 touchdown passes a game and being nicknamed "Bud" Mariota).

Blanchard was notified via a telegram that he had won the 1945 Heisman Trophy (on display at his high school alma mater, St. Stanislaus in tiny Bay St. Louis, MS). He also chose a military career over the pros and subsequently piloted an F-111 on 113 missions over Vietnam. GOTC Conclusion: No; Doc Blanchard Hero: YES!

1966 Notre Dame 10 @ Michigan State 10: The teams entered the game ranked first and second, so by default they called this the GOTC. Of note: Teams were allowed only one nationally televised game per year and Notre Dame used theirs for the Not-So-Game-of-the-Century versus Purdue. ABC replayed the game later in the day. Notre Dame finished the season undefeated and didn't play in a bowl game. Michigan State won the Big 10 (which actually had 10 teams then) but couldn't go to the Rose Bowl because of archaic rules about not being able to play in back-to-back Rose Bowls. GOTC Conclusion: No

1967 UCLA 20 @ USC 21: O.J. running wild – outside of a white Bronco. Teams entered the game ranked No. 1 and No. 2. Of note: Both UCLA and USC played their home games at The L.A. Coliseum, sometimes on the same day. Keith Jackson said it was the greatest college game he had ever witnessed, but more important, USC Super Fan Giles Pellerin, who attended 797 straight games over a 73-year period, said it was the greatest game ever. GOTC Conclusion: Yes

1969 Texas 15 @ Arkansas 14: President Richard Nixon was in attendance – he presented a National Championship plaque to the Longhorns after the game. Vietnam War protesters attempted to storm the stadium. ABC convinced both schools to move the game from Oct. 18 to Dec. 6 during the season. It would be the last major sporting event played on the national stage between two all-white teams – although LSU and Mississippi did not integrate until 1972. GOTC Conclusion: Yes

1971 Nebraska 35 @ Oklahoma 31: Teams were ranked No. 1 and No. 2. Nebraska coach Bob Devaney had his team's food flown in because of rumors that big-time gamblers would try to poison his team – now that's old school. GOTC Conclusion: Yes

1987 Miami 10, Penn State 14: Feista Bowl. The "U" got robbed, but since nobody liked them it didn't matter. GOTC Conclusion: No

1991 Miami 17 @ Florida State 16: Wide Right I. GOTC Conclusion: No

1993 Florida State 24 @ Notre Dame 31: Another No. 1 vs. No. 2. It was the "Notre Dame Broadcasting Company's" first attempt at hyping Notre Dame, which is now a weekly event. ESPN aired their first On-campus College Gameday Show beforehand. GOTC Conclusion: Maybe

2000's: Contrary to popular belief, there have been no Games of the Century so far this century. Although I did watch Michigan @ Michigan State. It was cold, rainy and the player's uniforms were actually muddy.

Week Seven: 4-3 (Not GOTC Material, but it wasn't a GOTC-type weekend)

Season: 55-43-3

Nov. 9

Western Kentucky @ Army +6.5: The Ghost of Doc Blanchard runs wild on the Plains of West Point.

Hawaii @ Navy - 17: They still play on grass at Navy. Hawaii left for this game on Tuesday and arrives Saturday morning – I think.

Missouri – 13 @ Kentucky: Missouri's first road game all season or at least for five months. Kentucky has and will never play in a GOTC – in football.

Vanderbilt @ Florida -7.5: Vandy Fan is just happy the Commodores weren't kicked to the curb when the $EC ditched Sewanee.

Arkansas +17.5 @ Mississippi: Nixon will not be showing up and presenting Mississippi with a plaque. Don't know about protesters.

Mississippi State @ Johnny Football -17: Johnny Football may be the Player of the Century, but he is no Doc Blanchard.

Southern Miss @ Louisiana Tech -14: Conference USA has produced a series of Not-So-Games-of-the-Century this season alone. Add this one to that list.

Auburn @ Tennessee +7.5: If this were the GOTC…well, it's not, but Tennessee fans are mad Auburn fans wear orange.

LSU + 12.5 @ Alabama: All this talk about … Lou $aban leaving for Texas.

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