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Evansville family blessed from secret Santa

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Each gift comes with a note from the secret Santa. Each gift comes with a note from the secret Santa.

For one Evansville family, this is becoming the best Christmas ever. It's all thanks to a secret Santa. 

With one glance at the candy canes outside, you can probably guess the Beliles like Christmas. This year, they have a reason to like it even more.

"We were home one day. We heard a knock at the door, go to the door and there was a bag, which was this first bag right here," said Courtney Burns.

Inside they found a card with a poem, apple cider, cinnamon sticks and a recipe. 

"The kids as soon as they get it, they're super excited. The second day, they got caramel and apples so they ate those right away," Burns said.

Of course, they've tried to catch Santa in the act.

"We can't. Every time, they're fast, even when they knock. I had somebody outside and my son was sitting right here, and as soon as they knocked, he opened the door and went out there and they were gone. No sight of them at all," Burns told 14 News.  

The presents and poems keep coming, one for each day of Christmas.

When asked what has been his favorite present, Wyatt Belilies said, "The hot cocoa. There was four cups and a big ole jar of hot cocoa." 

Each one comes with a poem, signed "Love, Friends", and each one Burns lovingly stores away. 

"Yes, we're going to pay it forward next year. I'm saving all the bags and we're going to do it to somebody next year," Burns said.

Perhaps the person wants to spread some holiday cheer. In any way, that's exactly what they're doing.

"Awesome. It's a feeling that you just can't describe. It's beyond joy. We're very thankful," Burns said. "This has pretty much made this the best Christmas yet, so far." 

The family is hoping the secret Santa will come forward on the 12th day of Christmas because they want to give him or her a special gift.

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