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Shelbyville pastor loses home in gas line explosion, fire

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Brian Lindsey is the pastor of Wittaker Church of God in Shelbyville. A devoted leader, he lives right next door to his church. But, that changed when he got a call that his church was on fire.

"We expected to come back and see the church on fire and in flames," Lindsey said.

As he headed home to check on the church, he got even worse news - the caller was wrong. "We got another call from our neighbor that said they were here and that it was our house," Lindsey said.

In minutes his realities changed. He was no longer churchless, but his small family of three was suddenly homeless. "I was talking to her and she put her husband on the phone he said, 'It's gone. The house is just gone.'"

A gas line explosion caused the fire.

Fortunately, Lindsey's wife and young son were with him when he got the news.

"All the things that were most important to me where with me," he said.

On the last Sunday before Christmas, he went on with church services.

"We shared from Matthew 6:19-20 where the scripture says, 'Don't lay up your treasures here on earth where moth and rust doth corrupt,' but in our case it was fire that got us. But lay your treasures up in heaven," he recited.

He says though he's lost material things, he is glad to still have his family, friends and ministry.

"We have a food pantry here in our church and we try to give to the community and be a blessing to other people in need and this time I'm in need."

Anyone who wants to donate to the Lindsey family can call the Whittaker Church of God at 931-808-0135.

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