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New program to help veterans in Hopkins Co. Jail

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The Hopkins County Jail is offering a new program to help incarcerated veterans, along with other efforts to keep offenders from returning to jail.  

Re-offenders are an all too common site at area jails.

"Sometimes we deal with the same people year, after year, after year," says Hopkins County Jailer Joe Blue.

The Hopkins County Jail has now teamed up with the Pennyroyal Mental Health Center to offer the supported services of veterans and families, a program funded by a $1 million grant from the U.S. Government.

The organization provides information about assistance and available benefits for lower income veterans once they leave jail.

"People make mistakes and they come into jail. Whenever they leave, I want to make sure they're trying to be on a better footing than when they came in. This is another program, another avenue to help them not return to the Hopkins County Jail," Blue says.

Blue says the jail is currently housing 20 veterans, and each one of them will now have this information to aid in assisting them when they return to society.  

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