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Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks: Does it work?

Forever Fragrant Fresh Sticks air freshener promises to neutralize odors without any oil or mess for up to two years. But does the product really work?

Smoker Josh Frost placed the sticks in his smoke filled car and let it sit for an hour.

"That smells powerful. It definitely smells way different than how it smelled before. But I don't necessarily know if it's a smell I want in my car," he said.

But, he did admit the smoke smell was gone.

In the kitchen, we chopped up some garlic and threw it in a frying pan. We put all 20 fresh sticks overtop the cooked garlic and took a whiff.

The garlic smell was almost completely gone. However, while it may get rid of one odor, it also produces an odor of it's own, and that scent is pungent.

Best recommendation - smell this product before you buy it, because what you smell is what you will be smelling for a long time to come.

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