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Trevor Ault

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Trevor Ault joined Toledo News Now as web reporter and producer in October of 2013, but he's no stranger to the station or the Toledo area.

As an Oregon native, Trevor grew up watching Chrys, Jerry, Dan and Robert.  He spent most weeks of high school (unsuccessfully) looking for himself on Big Board Friday, and later interned for WTOL during his undergraduate years in the summers of 2010 and 2011.

Trevor worked for multiple news and sports outlets prior to joining Toledo News Now full-time.  Some of his credentials include covering the Minnesota Vikings 2013 training camp for FOX Sports Interactive, producing an afternoon sports talk show for ESPN Radio Central New York, and hosting a video series recapping the 2012 season of the Syracuse University football team with the team's captains.

Following his graduation from Clay High School, Trevor continued his education at Defiance College.  While there he reported from the sidelines of football and basketball games, hosted pep rallies and digital highlight videos, and served as captain of the men's tennis team.  After graduating in 2012 with a degree in Communications, Trevor moved on to Syracuse University's Newhouse School, where he earned his Master's degree in Broadcast Journalism with an emphasis in Sports Communications.  He also served as an Instructional Associate at SU, where he taught Multimedia Storytelling.

Outside of broadcasting, Trevor tries to remain active athletically and intellectually.  He's an avid reader, and is always down for a game of pick-up basketball.  He likes using social media and the internet to find obscure bands and movies, and he also enjoys acting pretentious about liking obscure bands and movies.

You can catch Trevor on air Monday through Friday on WTOL 11 Your Morning, Fox Toledo Daybreak, and WTOL 11 Your Day.