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Ohio lawmakers consider making drug to counter heroin overdose more available

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Lawmakers in Ohio are trying to prevent heroin overdoses from turning deadly. The Senate passed a bill that would make an emergency treatment drug available to friends and family of addicts.

Naloxone is used to reverse the effect of heroin or other opiates in just seconds. It can bring an unconscious person back to consciousness.

Toledo Fire and Rescue crews already carry it with them. Now state lawmakers want to make it available to friends and family of addicts so it can be used in emergency situations.

Lt. Hertzfeld of Toledo Fire and Rescue says the drug does help when they respond to an overdose, but he says it's important people realize that the effects of heroin or any other drug can stay in the body longer than this treatment drug, so it's important that those who use it still seek medical attention.

"If you see that drug being administered, and you see somebody going from unconsciousness and they're awake, that doesn't mean the danger from that overdose is over," he said.

Toledo News Now will continue to follow this proposed legislation and will bring you updates as they develop.

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