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Realtors inform how school levies impact home values

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NORTHWOOD, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Your stance on school levies could affect more than just your taxes. Community members who feel that the Northwood School Levy doesn't apply to them because they don't have children of school age should think again. Realtors say it could affect how much your homes are worth.

"No one wants to pay higher taxes but it does have an effect on your value. No one wants to see the value of their home to go down either," said Chris Hall, President, Ohio Association of Realtors.

Last year in Wood County both Northwood and Rossford school levies failed.

"You don't want a building that crumbling," said Joyce Connerton, who supports the school levies.

Northwood Schools are experiencing problems with peeling plaster and do not have air conditioning. Some community members say they are frustrated with the lack of support for their children. According to realtors, that is in turn affecting how people view moving to the area. Residents say they can see that happening.

"The schools don't have what they're looking for their children. They ain't gonna buy. They're just going to find somewhere else," said Connerton.

While failed school levies and home values are not directly related, it does make an impact. Realtors say that they have seen the results firsthand at Lake local schools years ago.

"They had to start cutting services as you normally see. It had an effect on property values and also the amount of people who wanted to move there," said Hall.

Realtors suggest thinking again before heading to the ballot.

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