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Toledo recycling center still under temporary restraining order after fire

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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Stickney Recycling was back in court Wednesday to further discuss the company's immediate future. The landfill's business has been closed since it caught fire at the beginning of May. The state is accusing the landfill of violating several regulations, which could mean a shutdown or major fines.

The fire is out and the smoke clouds are gone, but the state is still not satisfied with the facility and still has concerns about the possibility of another potential fire. However, a lawyer for Stickney Recycling says the company has done everything in its power to prevent another fire, including covering the site completely with soil.

Judge Linda Jennings listened to attorneys for Stickney Recycling and the state regarding the company's request to continue to accept waste shipments while a new landfill cell is built. That was not decided upon Wednesday, as the judge asked both parties to attempt to settle this issue.

For now, the company remains under a temporary restraining order and currently, is still not allowed to accept any business.

Stickney Recycling's attorney says this is hurting the company's cash flow, as well as its employees.

"We have a great many employees whose family rely upon the income from this facility. We want to continue operating. We want to operate and, obviously, in compliance, it's unknown how the fire occurred, but we will make every effort to make sure that it doesn't happen again," said Michael Cyphert, who is representing Stickney Recycling.

The state says it has not been provided data from the site determining whether or not the air quality was and is safe. However, Cyphert says they have determined that the air was never a danger to residents.

Judge Jennings asked both parties to submit briefs by May 23, summarizing their case. The temporary restraining order will remain in effect until then.