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Wyandot County village stays one step ahead of crime

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CAREY, OH (Toledo News Now) -

A small village in Wyandot County wants to fight crime before it happens. The village of Carey is working to put up security cameras. Village leaders say they want to put more eyes on public places to help keep residents safe.

Leaders in Carey say while there isn't a major crime problem in the village, they're hoping to stay one step ahead of any criminals. Surveillance cameras will help them do that. With fewer than 4,000 residents, Carey is a fairly peaceful community but village officials say, that doesn't mean it's immune to crime.

In the past the village has had issues with vandals at parks, thieves hitting up a local cathedral, and even a bank robbery. That's why the village is considering adding surveillance cameras around town and mounting them on light and utility poles.

"If we start with a basic system and have it pointed and covering the entrances and exits to the village, there's only five or six roads in and out, and if something did happen, such as a bank robbery that we've experienced last year, you would have had pictures of that particular vehicle, that license plate. This gives you a lot more information," said Roy Johnson, Village Administrator.

The cameras would not be your typical low-grade carryout security cameras. Johnson says the village wants to install a higher resolution system with a zoom, making faces clearly visible.

No date has been set on when the cameras could go up. The village will need to look at the cost and then council will take a vote. Carey leaders say with this higher-quality system, starting out with five cameras would cost about $100,000. They're hoping to pay for it through homeland security grants.

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