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Harsh winter results in fewer peaches, blackberries in NW Ohio

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You won't find any peaches on these trees You won't find any peaches on these trees

The harsh winter killed off branches in the peach orchard at Steven's Garden. The branches should have buds, but they are dry and dead. The peach crop took the biggest hit and as a result 125 trees won't produce a single peach this year.

"Their buds set on in the actual fall time so they don't take the type of cold we had this winter. It just devastated us. It's a total loss for our peach trees," said Tracy Ankenbrandt.

Ankenbrandt says for the most part the peach crop in northwest Ohio is a complete loss.

"Nobody is going to be getting local peaches in Ohio," said Ankenbrandt.

That means you will also see higher prices in the grocery store.

"They're going to have to be shipped in, which means whoever shipping them in, they got their cost then they have to add their cost on," said Ankenbrandt.

They're gaining but Steven's Garden is losing thousands this year. Along with peaches, they lost 1,000 fish from their pond, blackberries, and all of their bees to pollinate the rest of their crops. They will be getting new bees soon but as for the peaches and blackberries, they have to wait until next year.

"Farming is a very risky business," said Ankenbrandt.

But there is some good news: the strawberries are blooming. Even the farm dog Fred is excited about it.

"They're loaded with blossoms and we're looking somewhere around June 9 or 10 when we will start picking," said Ankenbrandt.

Everyone loves sweet corn and if you were wondering, the corn crop is looking like it will do well.

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