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Bill Murray crashes bachelor party, gives sage advice

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Source: Deadspin's Concourse Blog Source: Deadspin's Concourse Blog
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It's possible that Bill Murray is the coolest guy who ever lived. 

We probably already knew this, I think we learned it a really long time ago. Because of this. And this. Never forget this. And of course this

In addition, in recent years, he's garnered quite a reputation for crashing parties and bestowing mirth and gladness wherever he goes. 

OK, that's the setup, here's the story.

Apparently, over Memorial Day weekend, Bill Murray dropped in on a bachelor party and had some sage words of wisdom for the groom and his groomsmen. (Warning: some strong language can be heard briefly in the background.)

It doesn't disappoint. In fact, it's like a deleted scene from a wedding movie we all would watch.

Deadspin's Concourse Blog got their hands on the video first, and you should go there to watch the whole thing.

We've embedded an excerpt - mobile, watch it here:

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