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Toledo Police need to be notified of stolen dogs before they can take action

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TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) -

After an alarming amount of dogs have gone missing in west Toledo, now residents around Willys Parkway say they have seen an increase in suspicious cars traveling slowly through their neighborhoods. They say they fear their 4-legged friends could be next and wonder if the men in these cars are the ones responsible for these communities missing pets.

"They're looking back and forth. They'd see a dog in the yard and they'd stop," said dog activist Malysa Bell.

Bell is a dog lover and determined to get these missing dogs home. Bell says she followed a suspicious car traveling slowly down a west Toledo street. She believes these men are the same ones asking questions about dogs in the Willys Parkway area.

"This is what's getting scary. Do we think they're scoping them out? Is that the next one that's going to be taken or, come up missing? You know, we just don't know but they're watching and this one I've seen with my own eyes," said Bell.

A maroon pickup truck has been seen not only near Willys Parkway, but Yarmouth Avenue as well. Both Bell and another resident say the men inside had their eyes on the dogs.

Sergeant Joe Heffernan with the Toledo Police Department says there have been no official police reports filed about the stolen dogs or the suspicious vehicles. Until there are reports, there is nothing police can do.

"If somebody feels like their animals have been stolen in relation to some of the casing neighborhoods stealing dogs, then we need to be made aware of it," said Sgt. Heffernan.

Heffernan also says the department is not aware of any dog fighting rings in the city but will follow any tips or leads that come into their department.


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