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Bowling Green considers lifting gun ban in city parks

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BOWLING GREEN, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Should people be able to carry a loaded weapon into a place where children play?  That's a hot topic in Bowling Green, where leaders say their ban on guns in parks might have to change.

Bowling Green has an ordinance in place currently that bans all firearms from city parks, but Council Leaders say the ordinance goes against state law and possibly even the constitutional rights of gun-owners.

They say they've looked at other cities in the state with similar ordinances and found the Ohio Supreme Court has ruled twice that state law supercedes this city ordinance.

"There may be some misunderstanding that we are now trying to allow guns in city parks where before we were banning them," said City Council member Theresa Charters.  "Yes, our ordinance did ban them but our ordinance was not constitutional or in line with state law."

Council members say keeping this ordinance as it is could set the city up for lawsuits.

No changes have been made yet, but it will be discussed in the next meeting.

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