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BBB Tips for identifying phone scams

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Here are tips straight from the BBB of Minnesota about how to identify a phone scam:

• Don't panic. If callers are aggressive, remember that they're hoping you'll pay them quickly. Don't give into threats. Legitimate debt collectors cannot threaten you wtih arrest.

• Never give out any financial information or personal information, especially not credit card or social security info

• Be realistic. You never have to pay upfront to claim your 'winnings'. Be wary of anyone who asks for your money, even if they say you've won a prize.

• Think about what you're being told. If a caller claims to be from the bank and is asking for your banking info, they're lying, because the bank has that information. 

• Listen closely. If a caller has a heavy accent, be wary. Many fraudulent calls come from overseas.

• Trust your instincts.  If it doesn't feel right, don't trust it.

• Don't rely on caller ID.  There are many ways for callers to conceal their origin.

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