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Consumer Alert: 4,000 lbs of beef recalled due to mad cow disease risk

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Thousands of pounds of beef processed in Missouri have been recalled due to the risk that it may have been contaminated.

"Our big thing is to make sure that the impact is stopped. The food is not used, not sold."

Jeff Hershberger with the KCMO Health Department says they are still waiting to get the list from Missouri's Department of Health with the names of any establishments that bought the recalled beef from Fruitland American Meat out of Jackson, Missouri.

The US Department of Agriculture announced that the company sold 4,000 pounds of beef that contained parts of the nervous system which can carry mad cow disease.

"We will go out and we will go to the establishments and make sure they are aware of it and have removed it from the shelves. That sort of thing."

USDA said two restaurants one in New York and one in Kansas City, Missouri got a delivery of the recalled bone-in ribeye roasts but at this time they aren't releasing the names of the locations.

A Whole Foods distribution center in Connecticut also got a shipment.

Right now, the USDA says there's no indication that the slaughtered cattle showed signs of the illness which can be fatal in humans.

"This is the sort of tissue that would carry mad cow disease and there was nothing to indicate that it was contaminated. Just that they -- because of having that tissue in it they did not want to take the risk."

The beef was produced and packaged between September 2013 and April 2014.

The USDA says the health risk to the public is low and no illnesses have been reported.

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