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Regulations in place for aerial fireworks purchased in Ohio

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Fireworks Purchaser Form Fireworks Purchaser Form
OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Many people will purchase fireworks for upcoming Independence Day celebrations. But consumers may not know which fireworks are legal, and which ones aren't.

In Ohio, you are not allowed to light aerial fireworks. That includes roman candles, 200 gram cakes, 500 gram cakes and rockets. All of these fireworks are sold in state but they can't be set off.

In Michigan you are able to light aerial products. There are just certain date and time regulations when they can be fired, such as New Years Day and the Fourth of July.

Since the aerial products are sold in Ohio and at stores like J&W Fireworks in Oregon, folks have to sign a waiver saying they will take the fireworks out of the state within 48 hours. If they don't, they could have their fireworks confiscated or even be cited.

Workers at J&W Fireworks are stressing safety whether you use fireworks in or out of state.

"Read the directions on the package. Make sure your product is secure and you're doing it in an area where others are not going to get hurt," said an employee.

Plan to fill out a form if you buy fireworks that shoot into the air. If not, you'll only be lighting things like sparklers in Ohio.

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